I sat on the dining seat and waited for an extra 10 minutes before Larry could come down.

“Oga, you took so long,” I playfully said.

He burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“What’s funny Oga?” I further asked with smiles.

He continued laughing hard again.

“Oya naa, when you are done laughing we can start with the food.

After about 30 seconds, he stopped laughing.

“Can you now tell me what I said that made you laugh this hard?” I asked.

“Baby see, don’t say that ‘oga’ again. It’s not sweet in your tone,” Larry playfully advised.

“I don hear; the food is getting cold already, can we start with a prayer?” I suggestively said.

“Sure baby!” Larry replied.

I said prayers before the meal, and we started eating.

Larry took some piece of the chips and shook his head in amazement.

“You don’t like it?” I fearfully asked.

“No baby, this is nice. Where is my cook?”

“Oma! Oma!” Larry called out.

Obioma came to answer immediately.

“Sorry Sir, I was cleaning up some things in the kitchen. I think I heard my name,” Obioma apologetically said.

“Sure! Tell me, why is today’s chips sweeter than the rest of the chips you have been making?” Larry curiously asked.

“It’s because I didn’t make the chips alone Sir,” Obioma retorted.

“How do you mean? Did you get another cook to help you?” Larry further queried.

“Yes, Sir!” Obioma replied with smiles.

“Without my permission?” Larry furiously asked.

“No no no Sir, it was your wife that helped me,” Obioma said in haste when she noticed that Larry didn’t understand her.

“My wife? How do you mean Oma? You allowed my wife to soil her hands in the kitchen?” Larry screamed.

“Baby calm down, she didn’t allow me to, but I forced myself on her,” I cut in to save Obioma.

He went silent as Obioma quietly walked away.

“Baby listen, you are going to be my wife, and that’s a lot of work on its own,” Larry cautioned.

“Which work again, when you can’t even allow me to cook what you eat?” I asked with rage in my tone.

“Baby please don’t misunderstand me. Loving me is enough work until the kids start coming. I wouldn’t want you to be stressed in any way. It’s alright, you can supervise in the kitchen,” Larry calmly said as he held my right hand.

I have already squeezed my face and was finding it hard to unsqueeze it.

“Loosen up my love let’s continue with our breakfast,” he pleaded.

We continued but in silence.

He kept looking at my face, and that made me shy.

After about five minutes, I beamed up smiles.

“That’s my baby girl. I love you so much darling,” Larry professed.

“I love you too,” I retorted with smiles.

We hurriedly rounded up with eating, and I stood up to clear the tables to the kitchen sink.

Larry wanted to call Obioma to clear the table, but I gave him the evil eye.

He couldn’t call her again, just for peace to reign.

I took the used dishes to the dishwasher and decided to clean it off immediately.

But Obioma stopped me and vehemently refused me doing the dishes.

I had to let her have her way for the first time.

I joined Larry in the sitting room as we relaxed with some comic movies.

“Baby!” Larry called out.

“Yes love,” I replied.

“How is your Mum and brothers?”

“They are doing great,” I retorted.

“Can I have your two brother’s contact?” Larry asked.

“Why?” I curiously asked.

“So that we can always gossip about you,” Larry sarcastically replied.

I reached for the closest toss pillow and hit him on his head.

We both laughed about his reply.

“But I am serious about the contact baby,” he further pressured.

“I will release that on the condition you would tell me what you want to use it for.”

“Baby, they are going to be my younger ones soon. They are students for crying out loud; we need to be exchanging pocket money,” Larry retorted.

“No oo, you would spoil them with excess money, and that can be dangerous,” I said.

“I know all that, but I promise I won’t do that,” Larry said in affirmation.

“I will give you their contacts later,” I said.

As Larry was about replying, we heard a deafening scream from outside.

We all rushed out, and it was coming from Larry’s mother’s apartment.

“God! Not again, what could have happened?” I said in an undertone as we rushed to the apartment.

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