I woke up the next morning beside Larry.

He held me so close that I wanted to remain that way.

But I had to wake up gently in order not to wake him.

I changed my transparent lingerie into casual clothes as I left the room for the kitchen.

“Good morning Ma’am,” the cook who was already awake greeted.

“Same to you dear, how was your night?” I politely asked.

“Fine Ma’am, Is Oga Larry awake?” She asked with a little panic in her tone.

“No dear, not yet,” I replied with smiles.

“Okay Ma’am.”

“So what are you making for breakfast?” I asked as I moved towards the dirty dishes to start washing them off.

“I’m making egg sauce, chicken and chips,” She replied.

“Does he like that?” I asked as I started with the dishes.

“No Ma’am, don’t do that,” the cook cut in as she tried stopping me.

“Why? What’s wrong with me doing dishes?” I curiously asked.

“Oga Larry will be mad at me if he gets to know that allowed you to do that.”

“I’m still asking why?” I further queried.

“Ma’am, we were warned not to allow you to do anything,” the cook replied.

I burst into laughter for few seconds as I continued with the dishes.

The cook was feeling disabled because it was apparent she couldn’t stop me.

“When did Larry give you such orders?” I inquisitively asked.

“It wasn’t only me Ma’am; he introduced you as his wife to all his workers,” the cook replied.

I laughed aloud again, this time; uncontrollably.

“So as his wife, I can’t help in the kitchen right?” I asked the cook.

“I never implied that ma’am.”

“Then concentrate on the one you are doing, let me concentrate on this one,” I suggestively said.

“Alright, Ma’am.”

I smiled as I concentrated on the dirty dishes.

My mind drifted to how Larry adores me.

“Is it just me or is it that Larry is always this lovely?”

“Seriously, this is the case of when it’s the right time.”

“I have never been loved this way, God!”

“I don’t even know what I must have done to deserve Larry.”

“Right from our meeting, everything was awkward, but God made something beautiful from our awkward meeting.”

“I’m still speechless o.”

Those were my thoughts as the cook called back my attention.

“You are so beautiful, Ma’am. Above all, you are humble,” the cook complimented.

“Thank you, dear.”

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Obioma,” she replied.

“I bu onye Igbo sef (You are Igbo)?” I cut in.

“Daalu nne (Welcome dear),” I said with smiles.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” She retorted with giggles.

After about an extra 30 minutes, we served breakfast at the dining.

“Thank you for the help, Ma’am, I actually enjoyed the company more,” Obioma said with smiles.

“You are welcome dear,” I replied as I climbed upstairs to freshen up and possibly wake Larry for breakfast.

As I got to the bedroom, Larry was already awake and attending to business Skype calls.

I didn’t need to talk or disturb him, so I went into the bathroom to freshen up.

After about 15 minutes, I was out of the washroom.

Larry was already waiting for me to be out from the washroom with his open arms.

“Come over here young lady,” Larry commanded with smiles.

I had the towel tied around my body.

I walked into the bed for early morning greeting.

“So you decided to sneak out of bed right?” Larry playfully asked.

I giggled as he placed his succulent lips on mine.

We kissed for few seconds and stopped.

“Let’s stop here before I continue from where I stopped last night,” Larry said with sarcasm.

I giggled as I stood up from the bed to wear something casual.

“Baby, breakfast is ready o,” I added.

“Already?” Larry exclaimed.

“Yes naa, this is almost 8: 00 am,” I retorted.

“It’s alright then, let me freshen up,” Larry said as he walked into the bathroom.

“Baby I will be waiting for you at the dining,” I screamed to his hearing.

“I will join you soon,” Larry replied as I left him in the bedroom and proceeded to the dining.


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