“Good night guys,” Michael said.

“Sleep tight!” Larry and I replied.

Larry held my hand as we walked to his car to pick my bag because we went straight to have dinner without entering his apartment as Linda and Michael did.

He opened his car and brought out my bag.

“Let me carry it,” I demanded.

“No, or is there anywhere it was written that men shouldn’t carry their wife’s handbags?” Larry playfully asked.

We both giggled at his statement as we walked to his apartment.

“What a humble guy?”

“He’s comfortable being ‘woman wrapper’ as many less productive Nigerian men will term it.”

“Truly, some of the rich are more humble than the poor.”

Those were my thoughts as we walked to his door.

His housekeeper opened the door.

The truth is, Larry and his twin brother are treated as prince just like in our Nollywood movies.

We entered into his apartment and wanted to walk straight into his bedroom, but his cook stopped us halfway.

“Sir, the dining is set,” she said.

“Not to worry, we are not hungry. Just bring my favorite drink upstairs for me,” Larry requested.

“Alright sir,” the cook retorted as we continued with our journey upstairs.

We got to his room, first things first, I grabbed my bag and brought out my nightie.

I was about walking into the bathroom to change up, but he drew me back with his left hand.

Turned me around, and placed his lips on mine.

We both started kissing.

As the kissing became passionate, we heard a knock at the door.

We both paused, and the cook shouted from outside.

“Sir, it’s me.”

“It’s alright. Keep it at the doorpost; I’m coming to carry it,” Larry replied.

I was surprised by his response.

He didn’t need interruption with our intimacy.

That actually made me smile, and he laughed too.

“I’m naughty right?” he whispered into my right ear.

I nodded in concurrence.

He kissed and kissed me more.

Not until we found ourselves in bed, doing more naughtier things.

He made love to me again and still without protection.

But at that point, I was so excited and relaxed that I felt it was right.

I reciprocated, and we rolled over each other, repeatedly.

We made love like never before because I was just very free around his body.

He professed love to me as we made love to each other.

It was a beautiful experience for me, but I forgot that it wasn’t going to be so beautiful between God and me.

I didn’t even remember my promises to God at that point.

I was solely carried away.

Finally, we were tired of enjoying our bodies.

“You are good, baby,” Larry exclaimed with excitement.

I didn’t say a word instead beamed up smiles.

Larry stood up immediately, wore his boxers and went out to bring in the drink he demanded.

He brought it in and poured out two glasses.

One for him and one for me.

I wore my clothes immediately as we drank together.

“Baby, I want you to be pregnant for me,” Larry said.

“Why do you want that?” I asked.

“I just want to have my first child sooner than expected,” Larry replied.

“But we have to have our children the normal way,” I retorted.

“Which one is the normal way?” Larry asked.

“Like having a proper wedding before having them,” I replied.

“What is then stopping the wedding? I even want the wedding done this night, or do you think that sleeping alone is fun?” Larry

“We Africans have our own way of doing our marriage rites,” I replied.

“And it takes time,” Larry cut in.

“Yes, but you can actually start now,” I added.

“Yes, that’s why we will visit your village next weekend,” Larry said.

“Really?” I jumped with excitement.

“Yes baby, and if possible do all the rites once and for all,” Larry said.

“Wow! Thank you, my love,” I said in appreciation as I gave him an unexpected hug.

“Stop thanking me baby, you deserve more,” Larry said in an undertone.

We hurriedly finished up with our drink and went to bed.

“What a night!”

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