“Una don first reach naa Linda,” I said as I exchanged a hug with her.

And we walked further to allow the guys to have their catch-ups.

We were walking straight to Larry’s Mum’s apartment.

“Babe, see us naa? This life na one-minute change o,” Linda excitedly said.
“You can say that again. It’s just now that I believe that I’m in a relationship. Seriously, Larry’s mother’s behavior scared me at first,” I replied.

“My dear, Michael even scared me more when he told me that she doesn’t like Rivers girls. So you didn’t see how scared I was during the introduction?” Linda asked.

“I saw it all in your eyes, my friend. But I’m happy that God is beginning to perfect everything,” I retorted.

“Yes o, but they are nice people,” Linda added as we walked into Larry’s Mum’s apartment.

We were received and welcomed by their well-trained housekeepers.

We both walked into the sitting room to greet Larry’s mum.

“Oh! My daughters are here,” Larry’s mum screamed with the little strength left in her.

We both went to her side for a hug.

“How are you, Mum?” I concernedly asked.

“I’m stronger my pretty Ladies. Where are your men?” Larry Mother asked.

“They were still doing some catching up when we left them downstairs,” Linda replied.

“I think we should proceed to the dining, they will meet us half-way,” Larry’s mum’s suggested.

Just as we were helping her to get up from the cushion, the guys walked in.

My eye locked with Larry’s who was filled with smiles as he saw us holding their Mum.

I understood the feeling without been told.

“Mum, I can see you are getting along with your daughter-in-laws to be,” Michael said with smiles.

“Get out of my way jare, silly boy,” their mum said with smiles.

We all walked to the dining to enjoy the well-decorated dinner.

I sat opposite to where Larry was sitting, same with Linda and Michael.

“Let us pray,” Larry’s Mum demanded.

We closed our eyes for prayers.

After an extra 15 minutes of serious ‘kabatching’ o.

Finally, we concluded with ‘Amen.’

We started eating immediately, as I couldn’t wait for the dinner questions and drama to begin.

I took the first spoon of the well-made fried rice.

Of course, the food was tasty.

As I brought up my face, my eye locked with Larry’s that kept staring.

I beamed up smiles to sway him off.

“Ezinna my daughter how is your mother?” Larry’s mother asked.

“She’s fine Ma.”

“How is she coping with the absence of your Dad?” She further queried.

“She’s hanging in there. I believe she’s coping fine ma.”

At that point, I wondered what Larry must have told the mum about me because, from the way she sounded, she already knew much about my family.

“God will bless you for filling in the gap for your late Dad,” Larry’s mum chimed in.

“Amen….Thank you, Ma.”

“You are welcome my pretty girl,” She replied with smiles.

I was so happy and relaxed as Larry who was seated opposite to me started giving me footsie.

I looked up at him and smiled.

“Thank you, Jesus!” I muttered to myself as I continued with my food.

Little did I know that Larry’s mum was observing Larry and I.

“I love the love between you two,” Larry’s mum said.

“Mummy you just concentrated on Larry and Ezinna, what about us here?” Michael cut in.

We all burst into laughter at Michael’s sarcasm.

“Jealous twin brother,” Larry said.

“Don’t mind him,” Linda echoed.

“Oya o, let’s face you and Linda. But the truth is; you and Linda just started,” Larry’s mum said with smiles.

“Mummy you are partial, it’s not fair o,” Michael said.

We all burst into laughter.

It was really a family dinner, and we all were happy.

“Linda dear, how is work?” Larry’s mum asked.

“Work is fine Mum,” Linda replied.

“Please, take care of Michael for me, he’s a nice quiet boy,” Larry’s mum pleaded.

“I will do my best ma,” Linda replied.

“Linda listen o, if you don’t do all mummy said, I will report you to her o,” Michael warned as we all laughed about it.

Seriously, I loved Larry’s family, and that was my best night as we all finished our food and gave Larry’s mum a goodnight kiss.

“What a night!” I exclaimed as we left Larry’s mum’s apartment to our various flats.

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