He gently opened the car for me to enter.

I entered with smiles as he closed the car door and walked over to the driver’s side.

He entered the car and drove off immediately.

“You are looking great baby,” Larry complimented again.

“Thank you, darling,” I replied with a peck.

“Wow! That’s so unusual and nice,” Larry exclaimed with excitement.

I giggled at his excitement.

“Baby it’s like tonight is going to be lovely o,” Larry insinuated.

I laughed aloud.

“Baby stop laughing and confirm my instinct naa,” Larry said in sarcasm.

“Baby please just leave me alone o,” I retorted.

“Chai! If I leave you who will I hold?” Larry playfully asked.

“Naughty boy!” I exclaimed.

“Yes baby, I’m naughty for you.”

“Biko (Please) drive carefully,” I advised.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Have you called Michael and Linda?” I inquisitively asked.

“What for naa? We all go meet at the dinner table naa.”

“Haba! I wouldn’t want us to come earlier to the dinner o,” I said.

“Dem dey flog early comers?” Larry asked.

I burst into laughter for a few minutes.

“Baby, your pigeon English, is always cracking me up.”

“So I didn’t speak it well.”

“I never said that o.”

“That’s why you are laughing at me naa.”

“No baby, don’t be discouraged; speak it often.”

“Okay o, if you say so.”

“Yes baby, you will perfect las las.”

“I see you, mama of pigeon English. Which one be ‘las las?”

“At last naa.”

We both burst into laughter as he drove into their street.

“We are home already.”

“Yes baby,” Larry echoed.

He horned for the gate-man to open the gate.

After about a minute, the gate-man surfaced and opened the gate.

As he drove to the parking lot, I sighted Michael’s car already parked.

“It’s like Michael and Linda are here already?” I mentioned.

“Why do you feel so?” Larry asked.

“Was that not the car he drove out with, parked there already,” I retorted as I pointed towards where Michael’s car was parked.

Larry looked through and saw the car I was referring to.

“Yes, that’s his car. Maybe I should call to know where they are.”

“It’s alright baby.”

Larry brought close his phone to call Michael.

He dialed his number, and he picked up immediately.

They spoke for a minute as they teased themselves on the phone.

Finally, Larry hung up****

“Baby, can you imagine?” Larry asked.

“What is it?”

“Michael is in his apartment with Linda, probably having fun.”

“So?” I asked.

“He wants us to go straight to mummy’s apartment that they will be coming later.”

“What’s bad with that baby?” I asked.

“Baby! We equally need to go into our apartment and have fun,” Larry said.

“That can come later naa!” I said.

“No baby, I don’t support cheating,” Larry playfully said.

Their nosy gate-man surfaced at the car glass.

Larry had to wind down his car glass to attend to their gate-man.

“Usman, what’s it?” Larry queried.

“Nothing Oga, just that you no gree come down since you stop the car.”

“I’m fine Usman, can you go now?”

“Thank you, Oga. Madam Welcome,” Usman greeted.

“Thank you, Usman,” I replied as he walked away.

“Baby, so I’m not the only one suffering nosy gate-man,” I said in an undertone.

we both laughed aloud for a few minutes.

As we both were about getting down from the car, we saw Michael and Linda coming towards us.

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