We drove off immediately, but we followed a different route from where Linda and Michael followed.

“I know my brother will be so happy right now!” Larry said.

“Who wouldn’t be baby? I’m happy for my friend too,” I retorted.

“Yea…at last, we all will be happy at dinner tonight. Above all, I’m happy that you are comfortable around my mother.”

“Yes baby, I didn’t see that coming,” I replied with genuine smiles.

“Not only you dear. I know you would think I knew about this…right?” Larry asked.

“Yea, I thought so.”

“The truth is, I’m innocent. I was as surprised as you are,” Larry retorted.

“I’m happy everything is finally coming to an end. I can’t wait for night to come,” I said with all sincerity.

“Me too baby,” Larry replied as he navigated into my street.

We both were carried away in our happy moments that we didn’t notice that we were close to the house.

“Wow! We are almost in my compound,” I said in amazement.

“Yes dear. I would stay in your apartment and wait for you to get ready,” Larry said.

“It’s okay baby.”

We got to our gate at about 5:45 pm.

“Would you want to drive in?” I asked Larry.

“There’s no need naa, since we would be leaving together soon.”

“It’s alright then,” I replied as I opened the door to come down.

He joined me as we both walked into the compound, straight to my apartment.

I opened the door, and we both walked in.

He immediately dived into the bed.

I smiled at him as I removed my shoes, dropped my bag on the table and locked back the house.

I wondered how he acts so comfortable in my small space.

“Baby what do you have in this your house?” Larry asked.

“I know my apartment is nothing compared to your mansion, but just tell me what you want,” I playfully replied.

“Hmm….someone is feeling intimidated already,” Larry said in sarcasm.

“Who is ‘the someone’? Definitely not me,” I replied.

We both burst into laughter for a few seconds.

“Okay, be serious; what do you want?” I asked Larry.

“Now you go failing the question again. The query should be, ‘what do you have’?” Larry said.

“Baby stop naa,” I said.

“Tell me the snacks you have,” Larry chimed in.

“I have chinchin, biscuits, soft drinks, and grape wine,” I replied with smiles.

“Um, bring a bottle of grape wine.”

“Would that be enough?” I concernedly asked.

“Yes baby, but at the same time, you have to hurry up with your getting ready,” Larry said.

“Alright Sir,” I sarcastically said as I walked into the kitchen to bring the wine he demanded.

I came out and met him on a call.

From the way he was answering the call, one can tell that it was Michael, his brother.

I dropped the bottle of drink with a glass cup on a side stool, in front of him.

I left him immediately and headed to the washroom to have my bath.

After about 15 minutes, I was through with bathing, and I came out from the bathroom.

He was busy with his drink and probably turned the television on to distract himself.

It was almost 6:35 pm, so I opened my wardrobe to select a perfect dinner outfit.

I finally settled with a red dinner gown.

As I wore it and turned to have my mild make-up done, Larry’s eyes caught mine.

“OMG! This is lovely,” he complimented my dressing.

“Thank you, baby,” I replied with smiles.

“You are welcome. Hope you have packed extra clothes because you ladies are spending the weekend.”

“Wow! For real?” I asked with excitement.

“Yes baby, so hurry up,” Larry demanded.

I hurriedly finished my makeup, picked some sexy looking lingerie for the night and a few casual wears.

“I’m ready,” I said to Larry that was engrossed in a television program.

“Alright baby, let’s go,” Larry replied as he stood up from the bed and we both left my apartment to where his car was parked.

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