We got to his car; he opened the front door for me to enter.

I entered immediately as he closed the car door and joined me.

As he was about starting the ignition, his phone rang.

I had to peep with the corner of my eyes to see the caller.

It was Michael.

He picked the call, and they both started talking.

From their conversations, I gathered that Larry’s Mum had been discharged.

After about two minutes, Michael hung up***

“Baby, it’s like we will be going home instead,” Larry said.

“Why?” I inquisitively asked.

“Michael and Linda are on their way home with mummy.”

“Okay, but don’t you think I should get to my house first?” I asked.

“Why? Do you want to pick anything?” Larry concernedly asked.

“Not really, but was thinking I could drop my bag and change into something informal.”

“No baby, let’s see mummy first, we can do that later.”

Larry drove straight to the direction of his house.

After about 20 minutes, we were at his gate.

He horned for their absent-minded gateman, who confusedly opened the gate.

We drove into their compound and parked at the provided parking lot.

Larry gentlemanly came down from his car and opened the front door for me to climb down.

I came down with smiles as he stole a kiss from me.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered into my right ear as he held me and we walked towards his mother’s apartment.

We walked in and met Michael with Linda sitting very close to Larry’s mother on the three-sitter cushion.

Something very welcoming happened when Larry’s mother set her eyes on me.

“Ezinna, how are you?” Larry’s mother screamed in excitement.

I was thrown off-balance with that welcoming gesture because I didn’t see that coming.

I didn’t even know that she could remember my name so well.

I smiled as I went close to her to give her a warm hug.

Even Larry was surprised.

“How are you Mum,” I asked Larry’s mother.

“I’m fine my daughter. Please forgive me for the other day,” Larry’s mother said with smiles.

“It’s alright Mum.”

“It’s okay Ladies, let’s settle down and allow my mother to rest,” Michael said with smiles.

“Nothing is wrong with me,” Larry’s mother cut in.

We all burst into laughter as we heard Larry’s mum’s affirmative statement.

It was a happy moment for us all.

For the first time, I felt so comfortable.

“Michael!” Larry’s mother called out.

“Who is this woman you came home with?” Larry’s mother asked.

Michael had to reposition immediately, and my eyes went straight to Linda’s.

Linda was tensed judging from the look in her eyes.

“Mummy, she’s the woman I would love to marry,” Michael responded with smiles.

“Very good! Now you both have made me recover faster today,” Larry’s mother exclaimed with happiness written all over her smiles.

She turned towards  Linda to query her as expected.

“Lovely girl, where are you from?” Larry’s mother asked.

“I’m from Delta Ma,” Linda replied.

“I hope it’s the part that understands Igbo?” She further asked.

“Yes Ma,” Linda replied.

“Good! I’m happy seeing you all. Why don’t you boys take them home and bring them back for dinner,” Larry’s mother suggestively asked.

“Wow! That will be lovely, mum. What if they spend the weekend with us?” Larry said.

“That will depend on them, but it will really give me the opportunity to bond with them,” Larry’s mother retorted.

“Mummy don’t worry; we will convince them to spend the weekend,” Michael said.

Linda and I started laughing.

“Mummy let’s go and drop them off so that they can prepare and come back,” Michael said.

“It’s alright. Thank you, my children, for coming around,”  Larry’s mother appreciated as we all stood up to leave.

“Get well Ma,” Linda and I echoed.

“I will; see you ladies at night,” She replied as we left her presence.

Larry held me as if I was going to be taken away from him as we walked to his car.

Linda and Michael walked to Michael’s car with smiles.

“They are so happy,” Larry said, referring to Linda and Michael.

“Yea…I’m happy for them too. Mummy approved her without stress,” I chimed in as we entered into Larry’s car.


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