When I got to where his car was parked, he came down, hugged me; and opened the front door of the car for me.

I entered as he joined me almost immediately and we drove off.

“Good afternoon baby,” I calmly greeted with smiles.

“How was your day darling?” Larry retorted.

“Fine, and yours?”

“Filled with thoughts of you darling.”

“Hmmm…someone is trying to spin my head right now with his words o,” I playfully said.

“No baby, I’m telling you the truth. I couldn’t wait for 1:00 pm to tick.”

“So are you telling me you didn’t get busy at work at all?” I asked Larry.

“Yes baby, I was just smiling at all I did.”

“Baby! You can wash o,” I playfully said.

We both burst into laughter for a few minutes.

“No darling, I’m not washing you, I’m serious,” Larry retorted.

“It’s alright then, I have heard you. So where are we going first?” I curiously asked.

“To the restaurant first, of course, I’m famished,” Larry replied.

“Okay…after there we will go see mummy right?”

“Yes baby,” Larry concurred.

After about 10 minutes, he navigated into a restaurant.

That was my first time there because I wasn’t used to the name.

“Hmmm…baby you are just showing me round PH city,” I muttered out to his hearing.

“How darling? You haven’t been here before?” Larry asked as he put off his ignition.

“Yes dear, and this is not the first of the new places you have taken me to.”

“You are funny, baby, so where are the new places?” Larry inquisitively asked.

“Take for instance where my engagement party held,” I replied.

He laughed for a few minutes before replying to my comment.

“Well, that’s mine. And it’s not yet functioning,” Larry said.

“Yours? Wow! You even invest in this city too?”

“Yes baby, I need to invest all round so that whenever we decide to go for vacation, our money will still be coming in as usual,” Larry said.

“That’s nice baby,” I commended.

“So can we go down now and eat?” Larry asked.


Larry came down immediately and was rushing to get the door for me.

But I beat him to his game this time around, as I opened the car and jumped down.

We both giggled at my comic display of smartness as he held me by the hand and we walked into the restaurant.

We got to a corner, sat down and starting what we know best; getting lost in each other’s eyes.

We were that way when the waiter came.

“Good day Sir and Ma’am, please what can I serve you both?” the waiter asked.

We ticked all we wanted from the food menu and returned to the waiter.

We continued from where we stopped…lustfully lost in each other’s eyes.

“I love you so much,” Larry said as he held my right hand.

“I love you too dear,” I replied.

“I can’t wait to do all the necessary rites and have you to myself alone. You are so beautiful, calm and lovely,” Larry professed further.

“I can’t wait to have you as my husband and pride officially. You make me happy and complete,” I said in all sincerity.

“Thank you, baby, and until I die, I will be the last person that will make you shed a tear unless tears of joy,” Larry promised.

“Thank you so much. Since our paths crossed, you have made me feel like I still have my Dad around. You have always calmed chaotic situations for me; to that, I say thank you,” I said in appreciation.

The waiter interrupted with our orders.

We had to put a pause the mood we were and attend to our food.

We started eating immediately as we locked our eyes in admiration in several cases.

We ate in smiles and silence, and that was the most beautiful lunch ever.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

He picked up immediately….

From the tone of his voice on the call, I suspected it was his twin brother, Michael.

After about two minutes, the caller hung up***

“Baby, we have to hurry up and meet Michael and Linda in the hospital,” Larry said.

“Are they there already?” I asked.

“Yes, we all planned meeting mummy there,” Larry replied as he hurriedly finished his food.

I had to take couple more minutes to round up with mine.

As I was on it, he went to settle the waiter.

After about an extra ten minutes, we were done and ready to head out.

He held me by the hand as we walked to where he parked his car.

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