As I entered into the training hall, I found out that I wasn’t as late as I thought.

I walked to my favorite sitting position and sat down.

Just as I was about settling down, my phone beeped.

I had to quickly bring it out to know if it was a call so that I could silence my phone.

But it was a message from Larry.

On seeing that, I smiled and quickly opened to read the content.

“I love you even as you have proven that you are a thief. Yes! A strong thief who stole a kiss from me this morning and you have taken my heart too. I just wanted to remind you that I love you and do have a nice day.”

That was the content of the message.

I smiled as I replied to his text message.

His message made my day as I smiled all through the classes.

I was searching to see Ken with my eyes, but I couldn’t get to see him.

“Hmm, does it mean he didn’t come today?”

“What’s my business sef!”

Those were my thoughts as I concentrated on the last lecture for the day.

We ended the class at exactly 12:30 pm, and I had to call Linda for some 30 minutes gossip before I disturb my prince charming.

I called the first time, but she didn’t pick up, so I suspected she would be busy.

I had to waste some minutes on my laptop, going through the various lectures.

Then someone tapped me from the back.

I had to turn around to see who it was…

“Ken!” I exclaimed with a minced feeling of excitement and surprise.

“How are you, pretty lady?”

“I’m fine Ken. It’s like you are just coming?” I asked.

“No dear, I attended all the two classes for today,” Ken replied as he sat close to me.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, and that interrupted our discussion.

I reached for my phone to know who was calling…

It was Linda!

“So you now have my time, it’s unfortunate I don’t have yours. I will call back later,” I thought to myself as I ignored the call.

“Yea, but I didn’t see you at your normal sitting position or were you displaced?” I further asked.

“Not really, I came a little late.”

“It’s alright,” I retorted as I turned to my phone to attend to Linda who couldn’t stop calling.

“Excuse me please, let me take this call,” I said out of courtesy.

I quickly picked up Linda’s call.

LINDA: Hello babe, you no dey pick your call so?

ME: See kettle calling pot black. Didn’t you miss my call?

LINDA: Biko (please), how are you, Mrs. Larry?

ME: That’s one of the problems you have o Linda. Na you marry me out?

LINDA: Someone that’s engaged is as good as married.

ME: Madam na only you know wetin you dey talk o.

LINDA: I don hear. Why were you calling?

ME: So I can no longer call my friend without having anything in mind.

LINDA: No Ezinna, please don’t get me wrong; just that I felt you had something special to ask or tell me.

ME: I’m still at the training center, and I’m currently with a colleague, will call you soon for us to gossip.

LINDA: I don’t gossip again o, I have repented. So go and find someone that would help you because I’m not a gossip.

I burst into uncontrollable laughter for a few minutes.

And Linda had no choice than to join me in my laughter.

LINDA: Crazy woman.

ME: No wait naa, who did you pass the baton to?

LINDA: Let me call you back later joor.

ME: Alright.

And she hung up****

“That should be your best friend…right?” Ken insinuated.

“Yea, she always cracks me up.”

“I see…that’s nice. Please, I would want to ask you something,” Ken chimed in.

“Yea…feel free.”

“Are you married?” Ken asked.

God knows I wasn’t expecting that kind of question from him as at that point.

I suddenly went blank in my head that I started to stammer and chew my words.

“Not really, but maybe soon. Why do you ask?” I replied.

“Nothing serious, just that you were arguing with your friend over the ‘Mrs. Title’ she gave you, and I couldn’t help but notice the ring on your finger,” Ken retorted.

“It’s alright; I just got engaged a few days back.”

“Wow! That’s a good one, congratulations.”

“Thank you, Ken,” I appreciatively replied.

My phone started ringing immediately.

It was Larry!

I picked up the call forgetting to take permission from Ken.

LARRY: Hello baby, I’m outside.

ME: I’m coming out.

LARRY: Alright.

And he hung up***

I had to pack my bag.

“It’s like someone is waiting for you?” Ken couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes Ken, see you on Monday.”

“Alright, bye,” Ken replied as I stood up and walked out from our discussion to meet Larry.

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