As I approached his car, he came down immediately and gave me a warm hug.

“Good morning baby,” I greeted.

“Same to you darling, how was your night,” Larry replied as he planted a peck at my right cheek.

“Fine, and yours?” I retorted.

“Not fine!”


“Baby let’s run along, I will answer that as we go,” Larry said as he dragged me to the front door of the car.

He opened it, and I entered.

He joined me in the car almost immediately and drove off.

“Oh! Yes Baby, back to your question, I didn’t enjoy my night because I woke up without you by my side.”

“Haba! Larry, you have to wait small naa.”

“Don’t tell me to wait o; you don’t know that it’s already looking as if I have waited for an eternity.”

I giggled at his sarcasm as I placed my soft palms on his laps.

“Baby, the truth is I want you as much as you want me, but we just have to follow the due process.”

“See darling; I don’t like that nonsense due process, I want you to be mine like today today,” Larry replied.

“Things are not done like that here, and you know it,” I chimed in.

“Yea…it’s not as if I have an option. Meanwhile, when is your lecture ending today?” Larry asked.

“Today is Friday, and we normally do have half-day lectures.”

“By what time is termed half-day?” Larry further queried.

“At least by 1:00 pm, because most of our facilitators will travel back for the weekend.”

“That’s nice, that simply means that we can have lunch together right?”

“Yes, baby.”

“It’s alright then, maybe after the lunch, we may go visit Mum in the hospital,” Larry suggestively added.

“Yea, that won’t be a bad idea you know. Meanwhile, how is she?” I asked.

“She’s fine. The only song in her mouth right now is grandchildren.”

“Do you blame her? That’s the only thing that matter to them at this age.”

“So as she’s marriage bullying me is just for her selfish interest of grandchildren?” Larry asked.

“You can call that whatever you want but that won’t stop her from marriage bullying you o,” I playfully replied.

We both burst into laughter for a few minutes.

“I’m happy she has agreed for us to give it a try,” Larry said with smiles.

“Same here baby, although I wasn’t expecting it so soon as it came,” I retorted.

“It’s God at work. I just pray she will not disapprove Michael’s choice….your friend.”

“Why do you feel she might disapprove of Linda?” I curiously asked.

“My mum doesn’t approve of River state women. She believes they are not good homemakers.”

“But that’s not true Larry.”

“I’m not saying it’s true baby, but that’s what she believes.”

“So Linda is in serious trouble right now?” I concernedly asked.


“This is not good Larry. Why is it that our mothers have this stereotyped belief about some region?” I rhetorically asked.

“My dear, the thing tire me o,” Larry replied.

His reply caught my attention.

“Wait a minute, na pigeon English you talk just now?”

“Yes naa.”

I burst into loud, uncontrollable laughter.

“Babe! Na wetin naa?” Larry said.

That comment got me laughing again as he joined me.

“Tell me, who dey help you polish your pigeon English skills?” I asked.

“Na me dey help myself o. This English na serious badt market for person o.”

I burst into laughter again.

“It’s alright, stop laughing at me because we are in front of your training center,” Larry said with smiles.

I stopped laughing immediately and carried my bag.

“I’m sorry for laughing just that it was so funny to hear you speak pigeon English,” I playfully apologized.

“So you want me to accept this apology right? You that’s about laughing at me again.”

“No naa, I can’t …..” I said as I burst into another round of laughter.

Larry smiled all through the times I was laughing heavily.

“It’s alright, keep laughing o, but just don’t expect that you won’t be punished for laughing at me.”

“See baby, I’m sorry,” I playfully apologized again.

“Keep your sorry o, and run along. But as for parting kiss, I won’t give you that because it’s your punishment,” Larry calmly said.

I smartly looked at him and stole a kiss, opened the car door and ran away.

He smiled all through as he watched me walk into the training center.

“Love is so sweet!”

“But it’s sweeter when there’s money,” I thought to myself as I made my way into the training hall.

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