I woke up the next morning feeling so happy.

I knelt and said my prayers.

I headed to the washroom to have my bath.

But an early morning call stopped my steps.

I had to turn to reach for my phone and know who was calling.

It was Austin!

“Haba! Is today Friday already?” I thought to myself as I picked his call.

AUSTIN: Good morning Beautiful.

ME: Good morning Austin.

AUSTIN: How was your night?

ME: Splendid!

AUSTIN: Hmm! It’s like last night was special. Do you mind sharing?

ME: I don’t mind dear. I was engaged last night.

AUSTIN: By who?

ME: My man.

AUSTIN: I thought you had no man?

ME: Lol…he just came into my life and turned it around at a short period.

AUSTIN: Wow! I’m happy for you o. But I still feel you were desperate and in haste to say yes.

ME: What’s the meaning of that?

AUSTIN: Exactly what you heard my dear. A man you just met just engaged you and you said yes…what do you call that, if not desperation.

ME: I have heard you then. It’s too early to start having a bad mood, and you are too small to put me in such mood this early.

AUSTIN: The truth is bitter dear.

ME: Thank you. Can you now run along with your day or I will be forced to hang up on you.

AUSTIN: You are free to hang up, that simply means I won’t see you today as promised right?

ME: What do you need to see a desperate woman for, you sex starved he-goat.

AUSTIN: Now, that was an insult, and I won’t take it, young lady.

ME: Oh! Are you the only one with the monopoly of insulting others right?

AUSTIN: Fuck you!

And he hung up abruptly.

“Nawaoh! Which kind bad belle be this!”

“What have I done to this immature man?”

“Hmm! I will not allow him to spoil my mood this morning o.”

Those were my thoughts as I just looked at my engagement ring and smiled.

“Please let me forget this frustrated son of a he-goat,” I said as I went ahead to have my bath.

After about 20 minutes of singing and fantasizing inside the bathroom.

I came out towel-dried my body and opened my wardrobe in search of a cute outfit to please the eyes of my prince charming.

I picked my favorite blue colored midi-gown.

“Hmm…he would love this one,” I said with smiles.

I wore it quickly and sat down to have my mild make-up as usual.

My phone rang again!

“I just hope it’s not that son of a bitch!” I said with rage as I reached for my phone.

It was my Mum!

“Hmm…Mummy Mummy! She don already wake up from sleep,” I muttered to myself as I picked up the call.

MY MOTHER: Hello Ada bekee (My foreign daughter)…

ME: Hmm! Mummy good morning.

MY MOTHER: Good morning my daughter, how was your night?

ME: Fine, mum. This one you are calling me up this early, hope there’s no problem?

MY MOTHER: Haba! There’s no problem o, just that I couldn’t get enough of the good news last night.

ME: (I chuckled) Now I see….so I can now rest from all your marriage bullying…right?

MY MOTHER: Yes my daughter. I just want you to keep this good news a secret until it materializes.

ME: I will mum.

MY MOTHER: You know our world of today, you don’t know who is for or against you.

ME: I understand mum.

MY MOTHER: Good! Have a nice day and greet my ‘to be in-law’ when next you see him.

ME: I will Mum.

MY MOTHER: I’m so happy my daughter.

ME: I can sense it, Mum.

MY MOTHER: Alright, bye.

And she hung up****

“Mothers and their marriage bullying issues.”

“Now, she’s all happy and has forgotten that this is probably God’s own time for me.”

“Well, this is good, at least I have had a taste of what marriage bullying means so that I won’t try the same thing on my female children.”

Those were my exact thoughts as I sat back to continue with my make-up.

After about 30 minutes of packing and re-packing my hairstyle, I was done with getting ready.

It was 7:15 am, so I wondered why Larry hasn’t gotten to my house and hadn’t called either.

I reached my phone to place a call to him immediately.

But just as I was about doing that, his call came in.

“Haa! I was almost getting worried,” I said in an undertone as I picked the call.

LARRY: Good morning darling, I’m sorry I’m late. I’m at the gate now.

ME: Alright baby, let me come out immediately.

And he hung up***

I packed my bag and left my apartment immediately to join Larry.

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