I kept smiling and admiring my engagement ring.

I was so carried away in excitement as I forgot that I wasn’t in the car alone.

“Finally, the ring is here,” I muttered out with smiles.

“Yes baby, you have the most beautiful ring on you,” Larry said.

At that point, I turned to Larry and thanked him.

“Thank you, baby; you are the best thing that happened to my life.”

“No baby, you are. I’m just lucky that I met you,” Larry retorted.

That was the best night drive ever as we held hands all through.

I allowed my thoughts to travel in fantasy.

“God this is still like a dream to me.”

“I wonder how my mother will feel about this news.”

“I can’t wait to break this news to her.”

“No more marriage bullying from family and friends.”

“Chai! God, I’m not just getting married but marrying a good man.”

“This is double blessing o; I will die with joy o.”

Those were my thoughts as Larry stopped in front of my gate.

“Baby we are home,” Larry said with smiles.

“Thank you so much for everything,” I said in appreciation.

“You are welcomed, my love. I want you to know that I will choose you over and over again,” Larry said as he gave me a parting kiss.

“I love you,” I replied with all sincerity.

“I love hearing that from you. Of course, you know I love you so much,” Larry whispered into my ears.

We kissed for a few minutes before we finally disengaged.

I climbed down from his SUV and waved him bye as I went into my compound.

He reversed his car immediately and drove off.

I couldn’t just wait to get to my apartment to call my mum and give her the news.

“Good evening ma’am,” our lousy gate-man greeted.

“Well done,” I replied as I increased my steps to my apartment.

I quickly unlocked my door and went in.

I dropped my bag on the table and brought out my phone to call my mum immediately.

The excitement made me forget to lock back my apartment.

I turned and locked it.

I dived into my bed even in my sticky clothes.

I genuinely cared less at that point as I dialed my mother’s cell phone number.

It was late already, but I just wanted to try my luck to see if she would pick up.

I called the first time; she didn’t pick the call, so I decided not to call her the second time.

I jumped out of bed and walked to my wardrobe to remove my sticky clothes.

Just as I was at it, my phone rang!

I reached for it immediately to know who it was.

It was my mum calling back.

I picked up.

MY MOTHER: Hello Ezinna.

ME: Mummy good evening, sorry for waking you up.

MY MOTHER: I wasn’t sleeping yet. How are you?

ME: Mummy I’m so happy.

MY MOTHER: What happened?

ME: Mummy I got engaged tonight.

MY MOTHER: Wait! What did you say?

ME: Mummy, I’m engaged.

MY MOTHER: Praise the Lord….

ME: Alleluia somebody.

MY MOTHER: Chai! This is really good news.

ME: Yes mum, I was engaged with an expensive car gift.

MY MOTHER: God of wonders ooooooo

ME: Yes mummy, God is really wonderful.

MY MOTHER: Where is he from?

ME: Enugu state.

MY MOTHER: This will give me a peaceful sleep my daughter. Congrats Adannia (Her father’s daughter).

ME: Thank you, mum. I will call you tomorrow.

MY MOTHER: Alright my daughter. Good night.

ME: Good night mum.

And I hung up****

I dropped my phone on the bed and headed to the bathroom.

After about 15 minutes, I was through with my bath.

I changed into my nightwear and laid on the bed.

I thought about the happenings of the night with smiles as I closed my eyes in tiredness and slept.

What a night of sweetness!

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