After about 20 minutes, Linda drove into a newly built five-star hotel.

As I drove behind her, my thoughts drifted into my pocket.

“This is the kind of place where a bottle of coke is two thousand naira.”

“Hope this babe knows what she’s doing o?”

I thought to myself as I parked behind her car.

I unlocked my car and came down immediately to communicate my thoughts to her.

“You like the place already…right?” Linda asked with smiles.

“Yeah! The place is fine, but it’s going to be super expensive,” I replied.

“Haba Ezinna! Future wife to one of the biggest guys in town shouldn’t be complaining of money jare,” Linda said with mischievous looks.

“Stop that biko (Please), Larry is just my boyfriend and for the records, I have never demanded or collected money from him,” I retorted.

“Enough of all these money tears, let’s go in, besides; I brought you here, so I will take care of whatever comes out of it,” Linda cut in as she dragged me by the hand and we walked into their bar.

Something happened.

I noticed that the decoration was something else, so I decided to observe more as Linda left me all to myself and walked into another space.

“But why is the place deserted?”

“Does it mean this place is not functional yet?”

Those questions engulfed my thoughts as I saw no one in the bar.

I quickly turned around to check if I could find anyone but I didn’t.

That got me a little worried, as Linda wasn’t coming forth too.

“Where did she enter naa?” I said in an undertone as I walked towards the door she entered.

There I saw my eyes.

“Jesus!” was the only word that came out of my mouth.

I saw Larry kneeling before the door with a ring in his hand.

I couldn’t handle the surprise alone as I ran back to where I was admiring their bar decoration.

I wasn’t smart enough to notice the writing on the floor.

“Zinny, please be my wife,” was written and decorated on the floor I was standing.

At that point, I became more confused, than ever.

“Should I go back in and accept his proposal?”

“What about his mother’s approval?”

“God! I’m so confused right now; I don’t even know what to think this time.”

“But I won’t forgive Linda.”

“She of all should have understood that I’m a very shy person and surprises don’t look good on me.”

Those were my thoughts as I made a u-turn back to the venue.

I still found my prince charming patiently waiting for my response on his knees.

The place was filled up with many people and the media house that came in search of news.

I only managed to sight Michael who winked at me with smiles.

At that point, I knew it was time for a long-term decision.

I knelt before Larry and said YES.

Oh! God, I could tell that immediately that diamond-crested ring went into my finger, I felt so complete.

“I love you, my queen, I’m so sorry I had to lie to you to pull this stunt,” Larry apologized as he hugged me so passionately.

“It’s okay baby, I understand,” I replied.

Everyone in the well-decorated hall screamed in excitement as flashes of camera light went on and on.

We hugged for more than 10 minutes, and Larry kept making promises to me.

I was in tears because that’s the most beautiful experience I have ever had.

People were in the hall with us, but in Larry’s arms, it looked as if we were all alone.

“I never expected this so soon.”

I never knew that I would be engaged from work.”

“I never knew I could handle a public engagement party the way I did.”

“I never believed that God could bless me with a good man like Larry.”

Those were the thankful thoughts that brought tears to my eyes.

Finally, we disengaged from the hug.

Larry whispered into my ears, “Let’s go outside baby, I have a gift for you.”

“Another gift?” I asked.

“Yes baby, you deserve this gift.”

I obediently followed him as all the cinematographers in the hall followed us.

“Hmm…if this is what Celebrities go through, abeg make I remain as I dey,” I said in an undertone.

As we were on our way outside the door, Linda whispered into my ears.

“Congrats my friend, I’m so happy for you.”

“Go away joor! You are not a good friend,” I muttered to her hearing.

“Sorry naa, they begged me to keep it away from you,” Linda chimed in.

I just gave her the evil eye as we walked towards a car and Larry handed the keys to me.

“Baby this is my gift to you,” Larry said.

At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore as I stood there, speechless and in a pool of my tears.

I didn’t know if I was supposed to move front or back.

“What? A range rover Evoque, 2015 model,” Linda screamed in excitement.

I don’t pretty know much about cars, that’s Linda’s specialty.

I threw away the car key to Linda who caught it correctly, and I ran to Larry and jumped into his arms in excitement.

“You have treated me like a queen today, and I promise to do back,” I whispered into his ears with a teary voice.

He carried me perfectly like his baby.

“I can’t wait to start my husband duties to you, my queen. You mean the whole world to me,” he said as we kissed so passionately.

At that point, I was very much ready to be laid again by my prince charming.

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