“Excuse me, I have to take this call,” I said to Ken.

“Sure!” he replied.

“Look at this one, if you said no would it have made any difference?” I thought to myself as I hurriedly picked the call.

LARRY: Hello baby.

ME: Good day darling.

LARRY: Oh! Baby, that new pet name just melted my heart. How are you?

ME: I’m fine baby.

LARRY: I’m sorry that everything happened so fast today.

ME: I understand.

LARRY: Thanks for that understanding. Meanwhile, how is the program going today?

ME: Fine, we are on break now.

LARRY: When are you people going to dismiss today?

ME: I can’t say, maybe between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm.

LARRY: Alright, hope you have eaten something?

ME: Yea…exactly what I was doing before your call came in.

At this point, Ken couldn’t take it anymore, so he sought permission to go cue up and get some food.

“At least this call has achieved an aim for me,” I muttered to myself.

LARRY: Alright baby, I will talk to you later.

ME: Alright…bye for now.

LARRY: I love you so much.

ME: Love you too.

And he hung up*****

I giggled at Ken’s attitude while I continued with my food.

I was thinking that he would come back and sit with me after getting his food, but he didn’t.

That got me laughing hard the more as I saw him walking to a corner far from me.

“I thought he got an ‘A1’ in disturbance? Nonsense,” I sighed in relieve.

It was remaining 10 minutes to round up the break, so I hurriedly finished my food and got ready for the next facilitator.

After an extra 15 minutes, the next lecture commenced.

It was a boring class for many, including me.

I didn’t know where the boredom was coming from.

Whether it was from the facilitator or the topic, I couldn’t just pin it.

One could easily tell that many couldn’t wait for that particular lecture to end because many were sleeping while many were taking unnecessary permission to go outside.

I believed that the facilitator noticed it too because the class ended before its said time.

“Wetin concern the man, whether we understand or not, his money don enter his bank account,” I said in an undertone as I stood up to stretch my body for the next and final lecture.

After about 15 minutes of wait, the next facilitator entered.

From his entrance, everyone could tell that it was going to be a lively class.

The class was one of the best types, I must confess.

Shy Ezinna even stood up to ask questions.

He added a lot of humor that carried everyone along.

That was the best way one could conclude his/her day.

It was 4:15 pm and the new class finally ended.

I sat back to call Linda as everyone made a way out.

I called her the first time, but she didn’t pick up.

I almost felt like not calling her back and head home straight with the excuse that she wasn’t picking when I called.

But on second thought, I had to call the second time, and she picked up this time.

ME: Babe, where you keep your phone naa?

LINDA: Sorry dear, I’m on steering. Quite close, just give me 10 minutes.

ME: Alright, I’m waiting.

And I hung up***

“This gist must be very important to Linda o.”

“I just wonder what this gist will be.”

“But I miss Larry.”

“Father Lord, thank you for giving me a good man. I just pray you to perfect our challenges in Jesus name…Amen.”

Those were my thoughts as I stood up to walk to my car.

Then Linda drove in.

I smiled as I saw her come out from her car.

I walked towards her instead as we exchanged warm hugs.

“How are you pretty?” Linda asked.

“I’m fine, and you?”

“I’m okay, missed you.”

“I miss you too. But you are stunning in this gown,” I complimented.

“You are looking good too,” Linda replied.

“This one you dey speak English to me, hope say you dey fine?” I asked Linda.

“You dey craze, so I no fit speak English in peace again?” she retorted.

We both burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Na now you come. You sounded too formal with the whole English thingy,” I chimed in.

“You no well,” Linda replied with smiles.

“So wetin be the gist?” I inquisitively asked.

“Haba! We can’t gist here naa. There’s a new hotel around here, let’s drive there so that we can relax and talk,” Linda said.

“Hmm! This is serious o. Well, take the lead while I drive behind you.”


And I left her to my car.

She started her ignition to drive out, and I drove behind her with my car.

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