I got there a little bit late, around 8:30 am.

But people were still scanty at the center.

“Menh! Today’s traffic no be here,” I muttered to myself as I found a suitable sitting position to settle down.

I brought out my jotter note with my iPad to get ready for the first facilitator by 9:00 am.

As I was on it, my phone rang.

I hurriedly brought it out from my bag because the ringtone was constituting a nuisance and attracting peoples’ attention to my corner.

It was Linda!

I picked the call immediately.

LINDA: Hello babe.

ME: How far?

LINDA: Wetin I tell you?

ME: Abeg no vex, the traffic was crazy, so I forgot to get back. Larry is out of town so you can come around after the training.

LINDA: Alright, where did Larry travel to?

ME: Lagos and business related.

LINDA: Alright, see you later.

ME: Hmm….this gist go dey important o.

LINDA: You no well, so your small mind no fit tell you say I don miss you too?

ME: Me dey miss you…can’t wait for these process to finish.

LINDA: It’s alright babe, let’s talk later.

ME: Alright dear. Do have a nice day.

LINDA: And you too, bye.

And she hung up*******

Just as the call dropped, someone tapped me from behind.

“God please not that pest called Ken,” I said in an undertone as I turned to know who it was that tapped me.

It was Ken!

“Hey. Good morning,” I politely greeted with a forced smile.

“Good morning beautiful, I saw you when you walked in, ,but I left you to settle down before coming to say ‘hi’.”

“Wow, lovely,” I replied.

“You look good on your outfit,” Ken complimented.

“Thank you, dear.”

“I will see you again during break time,” he said.

“Alright then,” I gladly replied as he walked away.

“Thank God he was just very brief this time,” I exhaled a sigh of relief.

It was 9:00 am on the dot, and our first facilitator walked in.

I noticed that we were less in number compared to the big crowd of yesterday.

In my mind, I wondered why the reduction.

They were nothing like sharing us into groups because we weren’t much in number.

The class was fun because the facilitator made it interactive teaching.

It wasn’t a lecture but teaching.

I was happy and grateful to God for such a great opportunity, because I learned new things as it relates to my dreams and aspiration in my career.

The first facilitator ended at 11:00am, and the second person entered.

To my greatest surprise, he was someone I knew some years back.

He dated my roommate in school those donkey years.

I bet he could remember me because he beamed up a different smile when his eyes locked with mine.

I became more interested in what he was teaching because he was always known as an intelligent person during school days.

His class was the last before break time by 1:00 pm.

I couldn’t wait for the class to end for us to fraternize a little bit.

He was looking so good and handsome, I must say.

“I wonder why Janet left this guy so early because he wasn’t ready for marriage. Now, this her husband has little or nothing to offer her,” I thought to myself for my roommate, Janet.

After about 30 minutes, the class was over, and I walked up to him.

The truth was that I forgot his name when I walked up to him.

We exchanged a harmless hug as we greeted.

“The beautiful Ezinna! How are you?” he asked.

“I’m fine dear….,” I said trying to remember his name.

“Chuka!” he said to me.

“Yea… you are such a big guy now,” I said with genuine smiles.

“It’s God dear, your friend Janet, left me when it was really rough,” he said.

“I know dear, but I’m glad the story has turned into something good right now,” I consoled.

“Yea…you work with DPR now?” he asked.

“Yes my dear,” I replied.

“That’s lovely Ezinna! Well, this is my card,” he said as he handed over his business card to me.

“Wow! You can have mine too,” I said as I equally gave him mine.

“Alright dear, I will give you a call,” he said as he walked to his car.

“Alright, bye,” I replied as I went back inside to have my lunch.

As I walked in and stood in the cue to serve myself, my mind drifted to Janet’s marriage condition.

“Why all these rush to answer a married woman?”

“Chuka loved Janet but she so wanted to  be married.”

“Now, she didn’t just end up with a stressful marriage but an illiterate man too.”

“It’s not as if this man has all it takes to give she and her children a good life.”

“I’m not saying that marriage should be all about money, but sometimes, we consider our quality of life and that of our unborn children too.”

“I know she would be regretting her actions right now because she is not happy in that marriage.”

Those were my thoughts as it got to my turn to serve myself.

I took the quantity of fried rice that I wanted with a fried chicken lap.

I went to my corner to eat, but before I could get there, I found out that I already had a company waiting.

It was Ken!

“God! Which kind local trouble be this?” I said in an undertone as I forcefully beamed up fake smiles that were really obvious.

I sat down and started eating immediately.

“I noticed you love rice a lot,” Ken said.

“Yes, that’s my favorite,” I replied.

“Are you  not eating?” I asked Ken because he was with no food.

“I want to watch you eat first,” he replied with an irritating smile.

As I was about replying to that, my phone rang.

It was Larry!

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