I woke up that Tuesday morning to Linda’s missed calls.

“Hmm! This one Linda is calling this early, hope all is fine?” I thought to myself as I re-dialed her number.

She picked immediately.

ME: Good morning  Lily.

LINDA:  Same to you my friend. You don forget me naa.

ME: No be so o, na this training o.

LINDA: Well, I been wan do small tatafo (gossip) with you during una break time. Can you drive out?

ME: That’s the problem, we do lunch there o.

LINDA: What time do you people dismiss?

ME: Let’s say 4:30 pm.

LINDA: Okay, I will come around.

ME: Hmm! This gist must be very important o.

LINDA: Yes o, very important.

ME: It’s alright, just that I don’t know if Larry will be taking me to work today.

LINDA: He still does that?

ME: Yes o.

LINDA: That man truly loves you.

ME: My sister, he’s my lucky charm.

LINDA: I see…well, find out and let me know.

ME: Alright dear. Have a nice day.

LINDA: And you too.

And I hung up****

I quickly jumped out of bed to the bathroom.

After having my bath, I had to fix up noodles and egg for myself.

I remembered I didn’t have anything for dinner because I felt so light and empty.

As I was on the noodles, my phone rang.

I reached for the phone because I was busy in the kitchen.

It was an unsaved contact.

“Who could that be this early morning,” I said in an undertone as I picked the call.

THE CALLER: Hello pretty Lady, Good morning.

I wasn’t familiar with the voice, but my mind kept telling me that it might be ‘the pest’ at the training.

ME: Same to you. Please, who is on the line?

THE CALLER: It’s Ken from the training.

ME: Okay Ken, Good morning to you.

KEN: Thank you. Hope I will see you today.

ME: Sure! I’m getting ready.

KEN: Alright, see you later.

ME: Okay, bye.

And he hung up***

I was really irritated by his call.

“This is what I wouldn’t tolerate.”

“Like seriously?”

“Can’t this guy see that I’m not interested?”

“He’s already making Larry feel jealous.”

“I don’t like drama o.”

“Does he want me to spell it out to his ears?”

“Like, ‘I don’t like you.’”


Those were my thoughts as I dished out my noodles to eat and get ready for work.

After about 15 minutes, I was done with eating and quickly got to my wardrobe in search of something nice to wear.

As I was on it, my thoughts traveled a bit.

“Larry hasn’t called.”

“Should I call him or wait for his call?”

“What if he doesn’t call and I drive out, and we miss each other on the way?”

Those were my conflicting thoughts as a message entered into my phone.

“It must be MTN and their rubbish messages,” I thought to myself as I paid no attention to it.

I sat down immediately to do my make-up.

It was almost 7:30 am and yet, no call from Larry.

I was getting worried.

I reached for my phone to call him instead and I was forced to see the message.

It was from Larry, not from MTN as I predicted.

“Why didn’t I check my phone all these while?”

“What if what he sent was something time sensitive?”

Those were my thoughts as I quickly opened his text message.

“Baby, I’m so sorry that I won’t be with you for the remaining days of this week. Something urgent came up last night, and I had to travel to Lagos this morning. Please do take care of yourself for me. I will be back by the weekend; I love you…Larry.”

That was the content of the text message.

I quickly sent him a reply, telling him I understood but he should call when he’s free.

I felt happy and relaxed after seeing his text message.

“So I’m now a priceless jewel to someone?”

“Love is so sweet with mature minds.”

Those were my thoughts as I hurriedly rounded up with my make-up.

I made my bed before heading out…very important habit.

I left my apartment and walked towards my car.

On getting to my car, I searched myself and found out I forget my car key inside my apartment.

“Haba Ezinna! You have gotten so used to your new driver,” I muttered to myself with smiles as I hurriedly went back into my apartment to fetch my car key.

After about 5 minutes, I came back to my car and drove off to the training center.


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