“Good evening ma’am,” our lousy gate-man greeted.

“Yea, how you dey?” I replied.

“I’m fine ma’am.”

“Anything?” I asked.

“No ma’am, I just dey greet you.”

“It’s alright,” I replied as I increased my pace to my apartment.

I unlocked my apartment and went in immediately.

As I dropped my bag on the table, I locked back my apartment.

I was already feeling sticky on my wears, so I had to remove them, and rushed into the bathroom for a quick wash.

In the bathroom, I allowed my mind to wander a bit.

“I’m beginning to fall for Larry heavily.”

“Hope this will not backfire o.”

“I just hope he is into me as much as I am into him too?”

“The heart of man is wicked, what if he wants to deceive me and leave me in this desperate state?”

“What if all these challenges are just plot between Larry and his Mother?”

“And his brother has started with my friend… Linda.”

“I just pray and hope that all these will end well.”

Those were my thoughts as I finished up with a bath and came out from the bathroom to my ringtone.

I hurriedly reached for my phone to pick the call before it goes off.

I wasn’t fast enough as the call cut-off before I could get to my phone.

“So after all these my rush?” I muttered to myself in disappointment as I checked who it was that was calling.

“My mother!” I exclaimed as I re-dialed the number immediately.

She picked up.

ME: Good evening Mum.

MY MOTHER: How are you, my daughter?

ME: I’m fine, and you?

MY MOTHER: I’m very fine and happy.

ME: Really? What happened?

MY MOTHER: Your uncles just left the house.

ME: What did they come for?

MY MOTHER: God has finally touched their hearts. They came to apologize for attempting to sell the land in question. They promised they wouldn’t try such again.

ME: That’s good news Mum.


ME: I just pray they don’t have ulterior motives.

MY MOTHER: No my daughter, this is God at work.

ME: Well, just be careful. This means there will be no need for me to come again.

MY MOTHER: Yes o, you can stay.

ME: I’m happy you are happy, and everything is fine too.

MY MOTHER: I’m very happy.

ME: It’s alright Mum, I need to rest now, I just came in from work.

MY MOTHER: It’s alright my daughter.

ME: Bye for now.

And I hung up***

But I didn’t know if I was happy with the news because I wanted Larry and I to visit Owerri for the weekend.

I had already started building fantasies about the visit.

“I’m happy though! My mum is happy,” I said in an undertone.

I went into my wardrobe, brought out my nightie and wore it immediately.

I dived into my bed with my lecture note.

I glanced through all that was taught and was getting engrossed before my phone rang again.

It was Larry!

I picked the call immediately.

LARRY: Hello baby.

ME: How are you, love?

LARRY: I’m very fine. I want to tell you something.

ME: Me too.

LARRY: Really?

ME: Yes, but you go first.

LARRY: No, ladies first.

We both laughed aloud.

ME: Alright, there would be no need for us to go to Owerri this weekend again.


ME: Because my uncles didn’t sell the land again and they returned to beg my mum for forgiveness.

LARRY: Wow! That’s lovely.

ME: So tell me yours.

LARRY: My mum wants to see you.

ME: Jesus!

LARRY: Yea baby, but you have to be relaxed because it will not be like the last time.

ME: I’m scared.

LARRY: You should be, but this time around, it won’t be you alone.

ME: How do you mean?

LARRY: Yes, you and Linda. My brother and I have worked on her.

ME: That’s okay since I won’t be with her alone.

LARRY: Yea, so since we won’t be traveling again, we will arrange for the meeting by the weekend.

ME: That’s okay.

LARRY: I’m very happy.

ME: I can feel it.

We both laughed in anticipated victory for a few minutes.

LARRY: I will talk to you tomorrow.

ME: Alright baby, Goodnight.

LARRY: Love you.

ME: I love you too.

And he hung up***

I became too excited that I jumped out of bed and did my jubilation dance.

I was supposed to find something to eat for the night, but I was just too happy that I lost my appetite.

I fantasized until I slept off wearing a beautiful smile.

It was really a day for good news!

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