When I got into the training center, I had to while away for an hour before the training started.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one that was there for the training.

We had over 100 workers from different parts of the country, especially the southeastern regions.

As I was distracting myself with my phone before the training started, some guy came and sat next to me.

“Hello, good morning,” he greeted with welcoming smiles.

“Good morning to you too,” I replied uninterestedly.

“You are very much engrossed with your phone; my name is Kenneth; Ken for short,” he said.

“Do I look like I came here to know peoples’ names?” I thought to myself as I forcefully replied his gesture with smiles.

“What’s your name please?” he asked.


“Wow! You are Igbo?”


“From where precisely?” he further queried.

“Why is it that some people don’t know when to stop?”

“Can’t this guy see that I’m not interested in whatever gesture he’s putting up?”

Those were my thoughts before I decided to answer his last query nonchalantly.

“I’m from Owerri.”

“No wonder you look this pretty, Owerri women are always pretty.”

“Thank you…what’s that your name again?” I replied.

“Kenneth, Ken for short,” he cut in.

He was still very ready to converse, but he was cut short at that point as the training commenced immediately.

“We will chat later,” he muttered out to my hearing.

I ignored him on the pretense that I didn’t hear what he said.

Thirty minutes to the training, we were divided into sections.

And that made the training less crowded and fun.

It gave room for everyone to participate fully with questions.

Someone tapped me from the back; I had to turn around immediately.

It was the Ken guy….

As I turned and saw his face, I had to smile forcefully, and he waved.

I faced my front immediately.

“Why did they put this guy in my section?”

“What kind of disturbance is this?”

“I for one have never been a fan of over fraternization with my work colleagues.”

“I don’t like this, and I would soon lose my niceness with him.”

Those were my thoughts as the training continued.

After about 5 hours, it was break time.

And there were reservations for food.

I was confused because Larry would call or come around there soon.

As I was still contemplating on what to do, the pest…Ken, showed up.

“Hey, Ezinna, are you not going to queue up for your lunch?

“Not now,” I said as I rudely walked away from him.

I went to a corner to call Larry and tell him the situation of things.

I dialed the first time, and he didn’t pick up.

As I was about dialing the second time, his call came in.

I smiled as I saw his call and hurriedly picked it.

LARRY: Hello baby.

ME: Good afternoon dear.

LARRY: How is the training going? Hope no one is disturbing or stressing you over there?

ME: I’m fine baby.

LARRY: If you say so. I will soon be on my way to come and pick you for us to have our lunch.

ME: Yea, about the lunch; that’s why I’m calling you.

LARRY: Don’t tell me you can’t.

ME: Yes baby, they made provision for that here. I think you should just go alone.

LARRY: It’s alright. I will see you in the evening then.

ME: Alright.

LARRY: I love you.

ME: Love you too baby.

LARRY: Bye for now.

And he hung up****

“Larry is a very understanding man; I like him for that.”

“He’s maturity to issues is second to none.”

“I’m really falling for him as the day goes by.”

“He surprises me with a new endearing attitude every day.”

“Well, I pray and hope he’s consistent with it.”

Those were my thoughts as I joined the queue for my lunch.

I searched with my eyes around to see if I could sight Ken again.

But I didn’t see him.

I took my lunch when it got to my turn and went to my seat to eat.

We had a few minutes left to round up with the break.

As I was just about finishing my food, Ken resurfaced.

“What kind of local trouble be this God!” I said in an undertone.

I suddenly became shy as I was rushing my food.

“You are yet to be done with eating?” he asked.

“As you can see,” I replied.

He kept quiet and watched me for a few minutes as I rounded up my eating.

“Please our tutors should just come and start instead of giving this pest a room to disturb me further,” I thought to myself as I opened a bottle of water to wash down the food I ate.

As if God heard my prayers, the tutors resurfaced immediately.

Ken had to go back to his seating position.

“Thank God!” I muttered in appreciation.

We went on with the training for about four hours.

“It was a good training for me because I enjoyed all the topics touched.

It was almost 5:00 pm when we dismissed.

As I was about leaving, Ken accosted me again.

“Please can I have your number?” he asked.

At that point, anything that could just get him off my sight, I was ready to do.

I opened my bag and handed him a complimentary card.

“Thank you so much, I will give you a call,” he said as he walked away.

I brought out my phone to call Larry as I was done for the day.

But as I just looked up; I saw his car parked in the premises already.

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