I woke up that Monday morning with smiles.

After saying my prayers and thanking God for his promotion and protection.

Just as I was getting out of my bed to the bathroom, my phone rang.

I had to turn back to get my phone.

It was my prince charming….Larry!

I picked the call with smiles.

LARRY: Hello darling, good morning.

(*I must confess, that ‘darling’ made my morning, as I giggled before responding).

ME: Same to you baby.

LARRY: How was your night?

ME: Fine, and yours?

LARRY: Not fine.

ME: Why? Bad dream?

LARRY: That would have been better.

ME: Really? You must have had a horrible night then.

LARRY: Yea…. ‘horrible’ is the word.

ME: What happened.

LARRY: I woke up without you by my side…that’s enough horrifying experience for me.

ME: Uh! You got me there…

LARRY: It’s no joke baby. I want to be with you.

ME: I know Larry.

LARRY: Well, let me not bore your morning with my troubles, I called to ask if I could be your driver for today?

ME: Sure!

LARRY: Thanks baby, I’m on my way.

He hung up with excitement in his tone***

I dropped my phone and walked into the bathroom to have my bath.

As I was in the bathroom, I kept wondering why he enjoys driving me to work.

“Maybe to always see my face every day,” I thought to myself.

“But I love him.”

“He’s a good man, and I feel he’s genuine with his feelings.”

“I’m just scared to invest my emotions into this relationship because I wouldn’t want to be hurt if the mother comes between us.”

“We both deserve to be happy too.”

“I just pray God takes care of all these challenges.”

Those were my thoughts as I had my bath.

After about 15 minutes in the bathroom, I came out to hurriedly get ready for my training.

I walked to my wardrobe and chose a good outfit, brought down the shoes to match and started getting ready.

I was already on my make-up when I got a knock on my door.

“It must be Larry!” I said in an undertone.

I stood up to get the door….and my guess was right.

It was Larry!

He walked in and gave me a warm hug with a peck on my cheek.

“You smell nice,” Larry complimented as he closed my door.

“Thank you, dear. A minute, please let me finish up,” I replied as I sat down to conclude my mild make-up.

After about 10 minutes, I was ready.

“I’m ready dear,” I said as I took my bag with me.

“You look smart,” Larry said as he held my hands.

I giggled in shyness as I went speechless on him.

He opened the door and paved the way for me to go out first.

“Can I lock the door?” Larry asked me.


He locked the door and held me by the hand as we walked to his car.

That was a new car because I haven’t seen him drive that before.

“Baby, how many cars do you have?” I inquisitively asked as he opened the front car door for me to enter.

He smiled as he closed the door and joined me in the car.

“I have up to 10 cars,” he replied as he turned on the ignition.

“What? How do you maintain them?”

He giggled before replying to my question.

“The ten cars are not mine alone, for Michael and I.”

“It’s still big…Larry.”

“The most important thing is that we maintain them,” he said.

“If you say so, but it’s too much.”

“I know baby; we will give out some of the cars soon.”

“And replace them with the latest machines I guess?”

Larry burst into laughter for a few seconds.

“Baby don’t take that direction,” I cut in.

“You are going to work…right?” Larry asked.

“No baby, I have promotional training.”

“Oh! You said that. Sorry, I forgot, so where are we headed?”

I gave him the direction, and he quickly did a U-turn.

“It’s very close to my company,” Larry said.


“Yea baby. That means we will do lunch together right?”

“Not a bad idea,” I replied with smiles.

“I love it when you smile my love,” Larry added.

“You always make me smile…thank you.”

“You have made my day already. This is one part of you I love so much; you appreciate little things,” Larry replied.

“Because those little things are what matter,” I said.

“I love you so much Ezinna!”

“I love you too Larry,” I replied.

He navigated to the training center and stop at the gate.

“We are here baby, do have a nice day,” Larry said with a parting peck.

“And you too baby. Bye,” I replied as I jumped down from his car and walked into the training center.

He quickly reversed his car and drove to work.

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