I went back into my apartment immediately.

I decided to clean my room and keep it for the new week.

After about 40 minutes, I was through with that, so I decided to take a nap before getting ready for my promotion training on Monday.

As I was in my sleep, I had a bad dream.

I was crying with my two brothers in black attire.

My mum was nowhere to be found, which merely meant that she was the one that died in my dream.

I cried and cried out to my conscious state.

It wasn’t a good one, and that got me so scared.

I immediately went on my knees and prayed to God Almighty to preserve my mother for me.

After my prayers, I called her immediately.

But she didn’t pick up her calls, and that got me more tensed.

I repeated the call for the second time, and she didn’t pick up still.

I continuously kept calling her line in fear.

“Where did she drop her phone for crying out loud?” I said in an undertone.

I thought of who to call, to help me check on her; but I couldn’t think of any.

In that confused state, my phone rang.

I rushed it like a cat that just saw a rat.

It was my mum calling back.

I hurriedly picked it.

MY MOTHER:  Ezinna! I left my phone at home to visit a friend.

ME: Mummy you got me worried. Phones are supposed to be with you not to be kept at home.

MY MOTHER: I know my daughter, I actually forgot it.

ME: It’s alright. Mummy!

MY MOTHER: Yes, any problem?

ME: Yes Ma, I need you to be very careful.

MY MOTHER: Talk to me, what’s the problem?

ME: I had a bad dream about you, please always take your drugs at when due and avoid trouble the best way you can.

MY MOTHER: Nothing will happen to me, my daughter. The devil is a liar, but I have heard all you’ve said. I will avoid trouble the best way I can.

ME: Alright Ma, bye for now.

MY MOTHER: Alright my daughter. Hope you do hear from your brothers?

ME: Yes mama.


And she hung up immediately*****

I began to feel a lot better because the dream scared a living hell out of me.

I reached for my books and started reading up in preparation for my training.

I read for about an hour before my phone rang.

“Who could that be this time?” I thoughtfully asked as I brought my phone closer to check who the caller was.

It was Linda!

“Hian! Not this time naa. I’m not ready for gossip,” I muttered to myself as I picked the call.

LINDA: Babe, better dey o….Choi!

ME: Hmm! Wetin happen?

LINDA: Many things.

ME: At least start somewhere since you sound too excited.

LINDA: No be small excitement o.

ME: Linda shoot naa.

LINDA: I’m in love with Michael.

ME: Hmmmmmm…..

LINDA: Which one is hmmmm again?

ME: Linda, you don’t usually fall in love naa.

LINDA: Unto say I no be human being or wetin?

ME: Maybe you don’t have love to share with men again naa.

LINDA: You dey craze.

ME: Because I talk true bah?

LINDA: You no talk any truth jare. See Ezinna; we had mad sex.

ME: Jesus Christ! Linda are you that cheap?

LINDA: Look at kettle calling pot black. No be almost immediately you and Larry do?

ME: No naa, yours is too quick. Besides I still regret that of Larry and I.

LINDA: Biko (please), I no de regret anything. I love this guy.

ME: You opened up too quick naa.

LINDA: Whether you open now or later, opening na opening…simple.

ME: I hear you. Flex your time.

LINDA: Instead of you to be happy for me, you are there forming a saint.

ME: I’m happy for you naa.

LINDA: Bye joor!

And she hung up immediately****

“Hmm! What kind of game is Linda playing on Michael?”

“Why is she moving so fast?”

“I just hope it’s not what I’m thinking o.”

“If Linda thinks she can tie a man down with pregnancy, that’s a big joke.”

“Well, what’s my own? That’s their business to sort out, not mine.”

Those were my thoughts as I went back to the book I was reading before Linda interrupted me with her call.

After about 30 minutes, I became exhausted and decided to clean up the used dishes in the kitchen.

It was getting late at about 8:00 pm, at night.

After about 15 minutes, I was done with the dishes and went straight into the bathroom to have my night bath.

While I was at it, I overheard my ringtone.

“I wonder who is it this time.” I thought to myself as I hurriedly finished my bath to get the call.

But I wasn’t fast enough, because the call was off before I came out from the bathroom.

I took my time and changed into my nightie before attending to my phone.

It was Larry!

I smiled as I dialed back his phone number.

He picked immediately.

LARRY: Hey, baby, let me call you right back.

He didn’t even allow me to say a word before hanging up.

After a minute, he called back.

LARRY: Hi, baby.

ME: Good evening dear.

LARRY: How are you?

ME: I’m fine.

LARRY: I just wanted to hear from you before going to bed.

ME: So thoughtful, thanks, baby.

LARRY: You are welcome my love.

ME: Good night then.

LARRY: Good night baby, dream of me.

ME: I will.

LARRY: I love you.

ME: I love you too.

And he hung up****

I plugged my phone on the electric wall socket.

And dived into my bed immediately.

I said my prayers and slept off*****

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