After about 10 minutes, Larry came back to my apartment.

“That una gate-man na clown,” Larry exclaimed.

“What did he do this time?” I curiously asked.

“He was just making funny comments, don’t mind the man.”

“He’s very lousy,” I retorted.

“Yea…baby!” Larry called out.

“Yes dear.”

“Please come and spend some time with me in bed.”

“Biko (please) leave me as I’m sitting here o,” I replied with smiles.

“Please naa, don’t you trust me again?” Larry asked.

“I trust you, but I don’t trust your erotic feelings.”

“Haba naa! I promise not to misbehave.”

“Are you sure?”

“Wait a minute, so you don’t trust yourself too?” Larry playfully asked.

We both burst into laughter for some seconds.

“Not that! I trust myself,  just that I can’t say no to you.”

“Why?” Larry asked.

“I think it’s embarrassing.”

Larry burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Why are you laughing naa?” I asked.

“You sounded so innocent with those words.”

“So are you saying I’m not innocent?”

“Come here joor!” Larry replied as he stood up from the bed and dragged me from the seat to the bed.

We both fell on each other as we laughed the moment away.

“You know what I wish to do right now?” Larry asked.

“No baby.”

“I just want to get married to you and take a month vacation with you alone.”

“OMG! That sounds romantic,” I replied with smiles.

“Yes baby, I want to be seeing your face every minute.”

“But that’s not good naa,” I sarcastically replied.


“Because you will get tired of the face early.”

Larry burst into another uncontrollable laughter.

“I don’t know why my words crack you up,” I added.

“You are so funny,, baby. Where did you get such thinking from?”

“It’s true.”

“Tested and proven by who?”

“By girls’ code.”

“That’s not possible baby. It’s an individual thing…believe me.”

“You men are polygamous in nature and can’t stick to one face for a long period.”

“Please baby, stop that stereotype thingy. I still repeat, it depends on the man, not a general proven fact.”

“Baby, are you trying to tell me that you have never cheated on your woman?” I inquisitively asked.


“There you go again! You men can’t just be faithful.”

“I have never cheated on my woman with sex, but I have cheated with lustful looks,” Larry replied.

When I heard those words from him and saw the seriousness in his eyes; I believed he was telling the truth.

I went speechless as I just fixed my eyes on him for some seconds in amazement.

“Baby, I will never cheat on you. I couldn’t cheat during relationships, and I don’t see myself cheating in Marriage. I love you so much to be stuck with you forever. I will never get tired of seeing your pretty face…never. You need to understand that you are dating a real man and not a boy,” Larry said as he held my face with his hands.

“Thank you, baby,” I muttered out to his hearing.

At that point, I felt so peaceful around him.

We lost it as usual and started kissing.

We kissed and cuddled so passionately that I didn’t wish for him to stop.

He paused and looked into my eyes again…

“I’m not here for sex, just that I can’t express how I feel for you the way it is in my heart. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied as we kissed and cuddled the more.

My phone rang!

I had to pause to know the caller.

It was my Mum!

“Baby sorry, let me take this call. It’s my mum.”

“It’s alright,” he replied as he shifted from my body.

MY MOTHER: Hello Ezinna, hope you will still come tomorrow?

ME: No mummy! Just calm down, I will be there on the weekend.

MY MOTHER: He might have sold the land by then.

ME: Just calm down Mum. I want you to find out who bought the land if he sells it before then.

MY MOTHER: Oh! God of the widow.

She said as she burst into cry again.

ME: See mummy, I want you to calm down. I can’t possibly go and fight them; I’m only but a woman who is still single. Just clean your tears, the only promise I want to make to you is that you won’t lose that land. I will follow them up with wisdom. We all can’t be mad at the same time, mum. Besides, revenge is best served when it’s cold. We will take them unawares; just stop crying biko (please).

MY MOTHER: It’s alright my daughter.

ME: Please don’t think about the humiliation and fall sick. I will handle it the best way I can, just do me the favor of finding out crucial information on every step they take.

MY MOTHER: I have heard you, my daughter.

ME: Bye Mum.

And she hung up****

“Just tell your Mum to calm down, we will handle the greedy old fools,” Larry said with rage in his tone.

“I will continue to calm her down o; she’s all that I have got.”

“That’s not true baby; you’ve got me too,” Larry replied.

I giggled at his comment…

“Thank you so much, Larry.”

“You are welcome, baby. I will be leaving now; I need to get a few things ready before work tomorrow.”

“It’s alright, thanks for being the sweetest man on the face of the earth,” I said with smiles as we hugged for some seconds.

We disengaged and left my apartment to where his car was parked.

He gave me a parting hug, entered his car and drove off immediately.


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