I had to allow REX’s call to finish ringing and I didn’t pick up.

“At least, I can always call him back when I’m back to my room that will be quieter,” I told myself.

Now, let me concentrate on Gerald that was still crying with no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

I had to rest my left hand on his shoulders to calm him down.

“Gerald, please stop this. This is not the right time for this, I beg you,” I said as I tried dragging his arms up from his car steering.

He faced up and tried to control the tears from rolling down his cheek with his handkerchief.

With my left hand, I reached for his right hand, held it so tight, and tried consoling him with my words.

“Gerald, I have forgiven you for the deepest part of my heart. You know me as a peace-loving person. I can’t keep pains and betrayal for so long. Stop crying please, all is well,” I added as I wiped the last drop of tears from his eyes with my right hand.

“Then, marry me and make me a happy man once again,” he responded as he turned and looked in my direction.

Seriously, that came to me as a surprise.

All through my life, no man has ever said those words to me whether joking or serious.

I became more confused on what to do.

“Baby, I love you. I accept I fucked up, but please give me this second chance to right my wrongs,” he added while looking straight at my facial expressions.

“Gerald please, don’t say those words to me. You know I’m not one of those ladies you can get by just saying those marriage anthems,” I snapped back.

“Baby, I’m dead serious, please marry me…please baby,” he responded while holding my two hands.

“God! Only you can get me out of this dilemma,” I muttered to myself.

I started remembering the days of our relationship, especially those moments that Gerald was caring and loving.

A special case was during my 2 days admission to the hospital.

Gerald slept in the hospital with me throughout those days.

My confusion heightened even the more with such memories.

“Gerald, this is 9:30 pm and you are still driving to your house at Ikeja this night. I equally have unfinished ironing to do upstairs and at the same time, will want to sleep early for tomorrow’s traffic. Please let’s do this discussion next time when both of us are in our right frame of mind…please.”

As soon as those words came from my lips, I turned away from his direction before I lose my guard and something naughty happens.

“Alright baby, let me walk you to your gate, and I will come pick you up for lunch tomorrow from your workstation,” he responded as he unlocked his car for both of us to come down.

“Please don’t come to my office for any lunch tomorrow, I will let you know when I will be free for us to sit and talk,” I replied.

“Alright baby, I will come to your house and see you tomorrow after work so that my mind can rest and we will be happy again,” he said while reaching for my hands as we walked to my gate.

“No problem,” I replied.

Well, by tomorrow I would have thought about this whole incidence tonight, and be prepared to give Gerald the piece of my mind.

Finally, we were at my gate….time to say good night.

I didn’t want any romantic touch. You know I love fantasies a lot and so wouldn’t want to fantasize about it all through the night.

With that, I slowly withdrew my hands from his and opened the gate.

“Goodnight dear,” I hurriedly said to avoid any further drama.

“Alright baby, Goodnight….see you tomorrow,” he replied as he turned back to make his way to his car.

“Hmm…finally, I escaped this drama tonight,” I thought to myself as I climbed upstairs to my apartment.

Getting into my apartment at 10:05 pm, and I wondered if calling REX back was necessary, or I should leave until the next day.

With that in mind, I had first to finish ironing the remaining dress so that I can sleep on time.

As I concluded the ironing, I had to go straight to the bathroom to have a cold shower.

There in the bathroom, I started smiling over Gerald’s marriage proposal.

“So two guys are inside my net now, It’s now left for me to make a choice…right?”

Those were my exact thoughts that left me feeling so loved and chased at the same time.

“Love sweet sha!” I muttered to myself as I immediately started humming “when you kiss me” by Shania Twain.

Coming out of the bedroom, I started hearing my ringtone again.

“My phone again?” I said it aloud to myself as I rushed into my bedroom to pick it up.

Lo and behold, it was REX again.

I immediately lay down on my bed and pretended as if I had been sleeping and his call probably woke me up.

ME: (In a sleepy tone) Hello.

REX: Oh! Sorry sweet, you warned me not to wake you up with my call, and I just did. I’m so sorry.

ME: (In a sleepy tone still) It’s alright dear.

REX: Just that I couldn’t sleep without hearing your sweet voice.

ME: It’s okay Rex, please let’s talk tomorrow.

REX: Alright sweet…good night and dream good.

And he hangs up*****

“Oh! My God, I can make it big in Nollywood industry oo, see as I form sleep now-now,” I said to myself as I removed my towel and changed into my nightwear.

Off to sleep!

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