Approaching my door, I started hearing someone calling out my name accompanied with heavy knocks on my door.

Who would the hell be knocking on my door in this rascal manner?

It can only be my nosy neighbor, Onyinye.

As I Unlocked and opened the door, my guess was right; it was her.

Trying not to get angry, I calmly asked her, “Onyinye what is it this night? Why are you banging my door and screaming out my name in that manner?”

“My problem pass this English wey you dey speak now,” she responded.

“Abeg I need help. My food don almost done and I forget say my salt don finish. I can’t possibly go out now to get salt…Ucee abeg borrow me the salt”.

As she was saying this, she pushed me aside to go and get the salt herself from the kitchen.

“God! Why am I staying with a drama queen like Onyinye? Damn! It’s not easy to have a nosy neighbor I swear”, I muttered those words to myself.

Immediately, she rushed out of my kitchen and ran straight into her apartment.

I just sighed and made to lock my door, only for me to hear her scream again.

“Ucee no lock up oo, biko I’m bringing back your salt right now.”

“Okay,” I just replied and closed the door without locking it.

Moving straight to my room to get my clothes ironed for the new week, I was a bit excited about the new week.

My leave would be starting within the week, and I would have time to rest.

To be candid, what made me more excited about the leave wasn’t just about the rest, even though I needed it.

My excitement was about Rex. At least, I would have time to give him all the time he wants, while enjoying the whole flow.

As I thought about my new feelings, I was filled with smiles as I brought out my clothes from the hanger to iron them.

While I was ironing, I kept wondering why everything about REX seemed so fascinating. I started praying and wishing he understands the kind of woman I am and not mess me up like the others.

The truth is that, I’m beginning to fall for him and I’m trying so hard to fight it.

As I was about to start ironing the second gown, I heard someone open my door, “it must be Onyinye,” I thought to myself.

I hurriedly switched off the electric iron to go and see who it was.

On getting to my sitting room, I saw no one but felt someone opening my kitchen cabin.

“Onyinye!” I called out, and she answered.

“Biko puta (please come out) from my kitchen, no be you de pay house rent for me oo…o gini bu nke a(what is this)“

She didn’t waste time in replying me, “Babe jiri ya nwayo oo (take it easy oo), no de chance me like this maka (because) common salt.”

We both laughed about it.

“Oya oo, come and start going to your house oo,” I added.

“For wetin, biko I came for you to give me the full download about that cool bobo wey visit you today.”

I knew it that her coming initially was more than just to collect salt; she had an ulterior motive and just wanted an alibi for it…….fortunately, the salt provided her a good decoy.

I politely tried to tell her that I was busy with my clothes inside the room, but she didn’t care.

“Oya let’s move to your room make you continue with your ironing and still give me my gist biko. Na your mouth you de use an iron? She said.

“Onyi baby, look at the time naa” I tried to make her understand why she should leave.

She looked up at my wall clock and said, “O na burozi 8 pm (is it not 8 pm)? Time bugodi catholic (there’s still time).

“Onyinye biko I no fit do ashiri (gossip) 8 pm this night abeg. Moreover I no get anything to gist you, only say a friend visit me, that’s all,” I argued, but she wasn’t ready to give up.

“Mba oo (no oo), that visit no be anyhow visit nne,” she answered immediately as she seats in the nearest cushion.

Chai! I die well today.

“Onyinye do you know what? He will repeat his visit, and I will introduce him to you make you ask am all these questions, because as I dey now, I no get time for your queries” I snapped back.

I was already getting a little-pissed off, but trying to still control myself. The tone of my voice was a little harsh, but I think it worked out for me.

“Nsogbu adiro (there’s no problem), mana jidesie ya bu omalicha nwoke ike oo (but hold the handsome man tight oo). You know say Husband dikwa scarce and that guy so na ife a na-aru (husband is scarce and Rex is okay). I hope you grab?” she tried her last effort.

“Onyinye I don hear” I answered as I stood up to go and continue my ironing.

She saw that I was not just in any mood for her, so she stood up and made straight to the door.

“Nne goodnight oo,” she said as she slammed the door behind her.

Maybe she was angry that I didn’t give her room for gossip, but who cares?

I quickly did a sign of the cross as I went to lock the door and thanked God for doing the miracle of sending her out.

I locked my door and moved back to my room to continue with the ironing alongside my fantasy thoughts.

I was in the fourth dress when I heard my ringing tone from the sitting room, and I switched off the electric iron again while rushing to get the phone from where it was plugged.

I don’t know why all these distractions are coming now that I wanted to iron…..NEPA might just seize power now, and I’ll be doomed.

As I looked at the phone, I didn’t even know when a deep, loud sigh came from my lips.

“Yes, what’s it again Gerald?” I raked on the phone.

“Please baby I’m at your door…can you open up for me, please?” He answered.

What the hell?

What could this guy possibly be doing at my door at this time of the night?

At that point, a thousand and one things came to my mind.

Even though I had moved on, there was still a soft spot for him. I was transfixed and didn’t know what to do.

If I dared open that door, he could end up maneuvering the soft spot I had for him, and something naughty may happen.

“O God please save me from this shiit please.”

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