Wow! I felt embarrassed as I shut back the door in their faces.

I bolted the door immediately.

Greg tried using force to open the door but when he couldn’t he resorted to screaming and calling out my name.

But it wasn’t as if I locked the door so that they won’t come in, I only did so that I could wear something better compared to tying a towel around my body.

So I hurriedly invaded my wardrobe as the banging on my door came louder.

When I found something to wear, I quickly wore it and walked to my door.

I opened the door for Greg and Felix as I gave them the ‘come in’ signal and paved the way for them.

But at that point, Felix came in gently while Greg demanded my presence privately outside my apartment.

“Sophie, can I see you briefly?”

“Alright,” I replied as I followed him.

Greg and I walked towards the gate to avoid anyone hearing whatever he wanted to say to me.

“Sophie! It’s bad enough that I want you as mine but another was/or is already there. I will bear with the hurt but what I wouldn’t wish to know or see is that you are hurting too. I love you so much to wish you bad even when your decisions are not in my favor.”

“After much interactions with Felix today, I found out that he loves you so much but just lacks the proper way to show you how much. He told me about the phone contact issue you guys had this morning and explained what happened exactly. I wouldn’t want to tell you all he said, just hear it from him. Give him the chance for both of you to bond physically; it will help your relationship.”

Those were Greg’s words to me as I appreciated his concern.

“Thanks so much, Greg, I appreciate all you have said.”

“It’s alright, you can go back to your apartment now,” Greg said as he made his move to leave.

“Take care dear,” I waved at Greg as I made my way back into the compound.

I walked back into my apartment, but as I opened the door; I met Felix on his knees.

“Baby, get up,” I summoned as I aided him with my hands.

“I’m sorry,” Felix apologized as he gave me a warm hug.

“It’s okay. I think I acted so immature about it. It won’t happen again,” I retorted.

We stayed loved up with the hug for a few seconds before I could cut the moment short with my question.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, baby I couldn’t find my appetite since you stopped picking my calls,” Felix replied as he sat down on the rubber chair in my room.

“I’m sorry about that, so what would you want to eat? I made both egusi soup and tomato stew,” I retorted.

“Any of them that’s ready,” Felix replied.

“It’s alright, let me dish the soup so that we can eat together,” I said as I walked into the kitchen.

While I was at it, I heard a heavy knock at the door.

“Omg! That might be Chukwuma,” I said in an undertone as I rushed out from the kitchen to get the door.

It was Chukwuma as I rightly predicted.

“Nwa (girl)! My nostrils are been disturbed o,” Chukwuma said.

We both giggled at his comment.

“Just wait here let me bring the food,” I said as I left him at the door and walked back into the kitchen.

“Bros, well-done o,” I overheard Chukwuma’s greeting to Felix.

“But I didn’t get to hear Felix’s response though, could it be he didn’t answer or what?” I thought to myself as I tried dishing some food for Chukwuma.

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